Albrecht Inc. a property management company cut invoice approvals from 2 weeks to 2 days using Artsyl automation software.

A 2 week process included: filing, data entry, routing, approval tracking, PO matching and payment processing for each of its 3,000 invoices every month. This manual process was replaced by Artsyl’s docAlpha system which automated these functions resulting in time and labor savings and a ROI of less than 1 year. Full story…

More use case examples.

A business executive level perspective on Robotic Process Automation

Part 1: Should you automate? Absolutely yes and this why.

This is what Automation did to manufacturing

The impact of automation technology on the manufacturing industry over the past couple decdes has been dramatic as some of these statistics show.

  • One robot added in manufacturing between 1990 and 2007 replaced 3.3 workers nationally, a recent MIT studyfound.
  • Automation…

Examples of Digital Transformation in Action

This is a weekly review showing how RPA systems are being used to achieve real business results. Each week we feature an RPA vendor, several use statistics and actual examples of business processes being improved by RPA technology.

Olive — Featured vendor of the week.

A ``digital worker” designed for the healthcare environment uses AI to understand…

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